Product Detail

Bentonite Round Pellet Machine

Capacity : (T/H): 2.5-3.5 t/h
materials particle size:(mm): 0.3-0.5
Power: KW: 64.5 kw
Model: KHL-600

Bentonite Round Pellet Machine

Ring Die Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator Machine is a new improved granulation machine that specializes in making organic fertilizer granules. Input raw materials moisture can be 30-40%, there is no dust come out in the enclosure space granulation processing as well as the blower design which can make the surface of granule dry to avoid the granules stick together. Extrusion processing makes sure the pellets’ strong enough and uniform in shape. Polisher parts turn the cylinder pellets into a ball shape. The good production rate is more than 90% and the finished product is ball granule. Its granule is uniform and has good solubility and high purity and quality.


The series of granule machines can make the following raw materials into granules :

1. Turfs, lignite, sludge, pond sludge,Sucrose slag,starch pulp as materials can be made into granules;

2. Chicken manure ,duck manure , pig manure , sheep dung , deer manure ,cow dung and earthworm cast as materials can be made into granules ;

3. Bean cakes ,Vinasse slag, Biogas residue , Fruit residue ,palm oil residue as the main materials can be made into granules;

4. Residues of urban rubbish or sewage treatment plants as materials can be made into granules.

5. Organic materials mix with mineral materials .

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